«BOSSI» book by Kapelo

In the second installment of the Memories of a spanish drug dealer trilogy, we once again follow the story of Antonio, an ambitious drug trafficker, as he builds a veritable empire and takes control of the family “Secret.” With sharp wit, gritty realism and intriguing plot twists, Bossi paints a vivid portrait of an underworld that few actually know.


Kapelo describes a character whose ruthless determination and great strategic ability made him quickly build his network and became one of the most powerful traffickers on the European continent. Guided by his second father, Peppe, a real “Cappo” of the Italian Mafia. But not everything in his life is expansion and success. Antonio has had to make some difficult decisions. He has left his family behind and has to live far away from his son and his wife to protect them from all the consequences of the path he has decided to take.

Bossi masterfully combines reality with fiction to transport readers into a dark and dangerous world. It’s rather a cut into the soul and feelings of his protagonist who, in first person and with a dry language, bares the suffering that crosses him and the little value that his existence has when he decides to live, as fate has marked him, on the edge of the cliff…


Bossi. Checkmate.

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