«FATHER» book by Kapelo

Through a realistic style, profuse in anecdotes and descriptions, Kapelo elaborates a character whose power knows no limits, lost among vice, selfishness and greed.


Sharp and acidic, Father – From the Seminary to Drug Trafficking is the first fictional narco-novel based on true events in a trilogy by José Antonio Kapelo, that promises to give us a glimpse into “the memories of a Spanish drug trafficker”. This episode tells of his begginings in the mafia, those of the protagonist and narrator, Antonio. It follows his development from being a teen with a thirst for power until his later immersion into the ruthless world in which he finds his true calling.

The figure of the father represents the three great influences in his life: God, from whom he eventually ends up distancing himself; the father who raised him, founder of the family business, whome the protagonist abandons, having taken from him not only the business but also everything that would open all the doors to his ambition; and another more experienced mafia leader called Peppe Bossi, who leads him astray and away from his whole family.


Father. From the seminary to drug trafficking.

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